Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bunny Easter Eggs

While digging through my stamping stuff I found this bunny hole punch that I completely for got I had. It took me a minute or two to figure out what I could possibly use it for besides punching holes in paper. This is what I came up with...
I started by blowing out the eggs. Next time I think I will do this last so the eggs don't float. It made it a little harder to get an even coat of color over the eggs with them floating. They also ended up soaking a lot longer so the tape got a little soggy causing some color to bleed through. If your not looking to keep the eggs out for decoration hard boiling them would be the easiest way to go to achieve a defined clean outline of the bunny. Or blow the egg out at the very end.

After preparing the eggs I hole punched some painters tape with my bunny hole punch. You can find cute hole punchers at Mikael's for a dollar. I suggest taping the start of your tape roll on a table and holding the roll with one hand while punching with the other. Be sure you have the sticky side down (like shown in the picture above) so the bunny doesn't stick to the hole punch. Then sporadically place your bunnies on your egg.

 I used a standard egg dying kit you can get from practically any store this time of year. Let the eggs sit in the cup of dye solution (rotating and dunking constantly) for a little over five minutes. Once the eggs were evenly colored I took them out, waited for them to dry completely, then peeled off the bunnies. Place them in a nice bowel or vase for the perfect little Easter centerpiece. You can also thread some ribbon through the center of a blown out egg, and tie it off to hang them on a Easter tree. Happy Easter!                                                     

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