Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Popsicle Drip Guard

My son loves when he can get his little hands on this sticky frozen treat. When they're two they just can't lick as fast as its melting. Usually I end up fallowing him around with my hand cupped, ready to catching his drippings and chunks that fall. Cleanup usually consists of a trip to the sink, and cleaning drip marks off the carpet. So to prevent all of "that" from happening I came up with this simple solution. I jammed the Popsicle stick straight through the middle of a cupcake paper. It cuts back on the cleanup tremendously. I'm sure one of those reusable silicone cupcake cups would work even better, if you happen to have one. Ahh...It's the little things in life that make me happy :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Free "Color" Flashcards

Kids educational tools can get expensive. So why purchase something you can get for free or make it. In this case I got free color flashcards from my local Home Depot. That's right, I went straight to the Disney paint swatches and wouldn't you know it, they had every basic color I needed in the shape of Mickey's head. Well, my son loves Mickey, so it happens to be the perfect motivation for reviewing our colors. Now I just need to find Thomas the train number flashcards. Then we'll really be cooking with gas. 

I guess I forgot brown and pink...I see another Home Depot trip in my future. :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Science in the Kitchen

This was so much fun to do with my niece, and nephews when they came over for a visit one day. Even my little two year old had fun participating (eating the raisin) :) Everything I used was straight from my kitchen cabinets. The only out of pocket expanse was for the 7up which came in handy for our thirty scientist. 

I set these experiments up just for some cheap entertainment for my niece and nephews who rang in age. This would also make a great educational tool for homeschooling children, or even a mad scientist birthday party.

Dancing Raisins

-7 up
-1 box of raisins

-fill a clear cup with 7 up
-add raisins 
-watch them float then sink over and over until they get to soggy to ftoat.

Fireworks in a Jar  

-clear cup
-food coloring

- fill clear cup with water
- in separate container mix 2tbs oil with 3 drops of each color of food coloring.
- slowly pour the oil and food coloring mixture into the cup of water.
- in seconds you'll start seeing streams of color shooting into the water.

The Fizz Pop

Vinegar is missing from photo.

-20oz plastic bottle
-baking soda

-put 2tbs of vinegar in the bottle
-put one tbs of baking soda in the balloon (easiest if someone holds the balloon open while another pours the baking soda in the balloon)
-carefully attach the balloon to the top of the plastic bottle (try not to spill any in the bottle just yet)
-once balloon is attacked well, empty contents into the bottle (warning: the balloon may explode)

Overflowing Blue Foam

food coloring (any color)
dish soap
baking soda

- place 1/2 cup of vinegar in a clear cup/jar ( place plate under cup for easy clean up)
-add a few drops of food coloring
-add a squirt of dish soap
-and for the grand finally dump one heaping tsp of baking soda into the mixture.

Glow Stick Fun

Here are a couple of crafty ideas to step the night time entertainment level up a notch by using glow sticks. You can find glow sticks at most mainstream retail stores for fairly cheap. I purchased my pack of 15 bracelets from Micheal's for $1.00. I've also seen a large variety, but smaller package size, at the Dollar Tree.

Have you ever wondered what was inside these mesmerizing glowing sticks? Me too. Well I still don't know exactly what is inside them (nothing a quick google search couldn't solve). It's just more fun cutting them open and pouring the contents in a mason jar, then shaking it all up. I would suggest the bracelet ones for easier cutting, and a smaller mess. Warning: the contents inside the glow stick are toxic, and contain shards of glass once activated. Parents, please prepare the jar on your own, and supervise your children while playing with the glow lantern.

Glowing Lanterns

All I did was carefully cut open three different colored bracelets, poured the contents in a mason jar, sealed tightly, shook it up, and turned off the lights. Viola! A glowing lantern

You can also throw a handful of glow bracelets in the tub (NOT CUT OPEN) for some bath time fun.