Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Glow Stick Fun

Here are a couple of crafty ideas to step the night time entertainment level up a notch by using glow sticks. You can find glow sticks at most mainstream retail stores for fairly cheap. I purchased my pack of 15 bracelets from Micheal's for $1.00. I've also seen a large variety, but smaller package size, at the Dollar Tree.

Have you ever wondered what was inside these mesmerizing glowing sticks? Me too. Well I still don't know exactly what is inside them (nothing a quick google search couldn't solve). It's just more fun cutting them open and pouring the contents in a mason jar, then shaking it all up. I would suggest the bracelet ones for easier cutting, and a smaller mess. Warning: the contents inside the glow stick are toxic, and contain shards of glass once activated. Parents, please prepare the jar on your own, and supervise your children while playing with the glow lantern.

Glowing Lanterns

All I did was carefully cut open three different colored bracelets, poured the contents in a mason jar, sealed tightly, shook it up, and turned off the lights. Viola! A glowing lantern

You can also throw a handful of glow bracelets in the tub (NOT CUT OPEN) for some bath time fun.

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