Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Deviled Eggs

Get into the Easter spirit and dress up those deviled eggs in lovely spring colors. Just continue with your usual steps in preparing deviled eggs. Except soak your hard boiled egg whites in a glass, filled with water and food coloring, until you achieve your desired hue. I used three drops of each food coloring color. To make purple I used 1 drop of blue combined with 2 of red. My eggs were forgotten about, and left to soak for 45min. Next time I think I'll let them soak for only 15min. to get that softer pastel look instead. Once desired hue is achieved place them on a paper towel (top down) so the excess colored water drips off. This will prevent colors bleeding onto each other. Then fill with your favorite yoke mixture recipe. I used a pastry bag and Wilton's tip #32 for an extra touch. These colorful eggs will make a beautiful addition to any Easter dinner spread. Happy Easter!

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