Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mailbox Made from a Diaper Box

My son's recent infatuation with mail has inspired me to make this mailbox for him. I used a diaper box along with some tools, and supplies I had available lying around the house (glue, brads, a raiser, paint, foam stickers). Although I made this for my son, just for fun, it has also doubled as a educational tool. I put letters on each of the envelopes, but you can incorporate colors, numbers, pictures with names of family members, or even animals. Whatever it is that your focusing on at the time. I think this would be an excellent idea for children with a deployed parent. Any time they drawl a picture or write a letter for their deployed parent they can just drop it in the box. Also makes everything easily execrable to collect and mail for real. Might even be a great bonding activity for the child and deploying parent.

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