Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shark Cake Topper

I made this shark cake for my nephews eleventh birthday. Originally we decided on a shark fin but I couldn't resist making something a little more challenging that I knew would wow my nephew. Here are the steps I took to make the cake topper.

Step 1 Shark Teeth:
Days before assembling my shark topper I hand molded the shark teeth with fondant. I just flattened the fondant and cut out triangles in different sizes. To make them more realistic and sharp looking I flattened two of the edges with my fingers. Then you set them out to dry for a couple of days so they harden. I would suggest making extras just  in case some brake.

Step 2 Mold Shark:
I made a batch of Rice Krispies treats (the recipe is on the rice krispies cereal box). I used the whole batch to mold my shark head. Be sure to make indentations for the eyes and cut the mouth open.

Step 3 Frost Shark:
Once your happy with the shape of your shark cover with a layer of frosting. This will help your fondant stick and minimize bumps.

Step 4 Color Fondant:
I cheated and bought my fondant from the store then colored about a tennis sized ball worth of it. I used cauliflower blue gel food coloring. Apply to the center of your fondant ball with a toothpick then knead the color in until it's completely blended. The amount of gel food coloring completely depends on what shade of color you are trying to achieve.  I would start with very little food coloring and add more until you achieve your desired shade.

Step 5 Roll it out:
You'll need to roll out your blue colored fondant along with white (same size). Roll your fondant out about an eighth inch thick. Make sure you roll it out larger than the surface that needs to be covered, keeping in mind the shape and indentations.

Step 6 Apply Fondant:
I started by cutting the bottom of my fondant to make
 a strait edge then lined that up with the base of the shark. Use your hand to smooth surface and fill the indentations. You'll end up with a fold of extra fondant on the nose area, just cut and smooth seem with fingertips. In addition you will have to cut off the extra fondant making a straight line down the middle of your shark. Do the same with the white fondant.

Step 7, 8, 9...:
Cut a Whopper in half and use some left over frosting to glue his eyeballs on. I painted the inside of his mouth with rose peddle pink gel food coloring. The gums are made out of pink frosting that I happen to have a tube of on hand. I added pink gel on top of that to give it a realistic wet look. I also cut slits on the sides for his gills and put some pink gel inside. I poked holes for his nose with a cake decorating tool (a skewer will work), added the teeth, and for the finishing touch I steamed it to give it a wet look.

If your not using your shark topper right away don't forget to REFRIGERATE IT.

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