Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Potty Training Books

Here are some of our top picks that we checked out from our local library. These were mommy approved and my son's favorites from our selection. I found that my son wasn't interested in the potty books that were too long, or tried to incorporate other subjects, like the abc's etc.
For the Trainee

Superhero Potty Time is a step by step "how to" guide but with a fun superhero spin on it including some interactive pull tabs etc. that will keep them enthralled.  
Everyone Poops is a funny one. It takes you through a journey of poop, explaining that anything that eats must poop :)
Potty is a simple book about a toddlers thought process before using the potty.

For the Trainer

The no-cry Potty Training Solution was my favorite. It was easy to ready, answered all my questions, and had great examples of situations that may arise. It even has a quiz you can take that helps you decide weather your child is ready for potty training. If you don't have time to sit and read the whole book the first three chapters pretty much covers everything. The rest of the book just goes in depth on all the points it covered.
Potty Training Boys the Easy Way Doesn't really cover much that the first book didn't already. If you are potty training a boy and don't have much time to read, this book would be ideal. 
Potty Training for Dummies is going to be used as my go to guide to quickly answer any question I may come across.
How to Train Your Monster is the perfect potty training guide for dads. It sums up the potty training process in 10 steps with using a little humor.

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