Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY Sock Bun Accessory and Hair Style

I've been seeing these fabulously messy but cute sock bun hair styles everywhere lately. I've seen a ton on Pinterest, in fassion magazines, and on the trendy teens at the mall. I had no idea until recintley that a sock was actually used to make a sock bun. I just thought your hair looked like a rolled up sock hens the name sock bun, and that you must have really thick hair.. That was until I came across this accessory for sale on one of my favorite wedding web sights. It was a sock bun  accessory! I took one good look at it and thought why on Earth would anyone pay for that when you can just make it yourself, and in literally a few minutes. I have to say, although I love this look, it is not for everyone. I can't pull it off however it looks darling on my mother. So after basking in my glory of my creation I find out that DIY sock bun tutorials are all over the internet already- figures. I thought I'd share my version.

My beautiful mother Cathlene was kind enough to let me play with her hair, and model for a few pictures for me. Thanks mom. OK, and here is how I made my sock bun...

-You will need an old sock, knee high and a pair of scissors. If you don't have a knee high cut a section out  of some old pantyhose. You won't need much.

-Cut the toes off the sock and the knee high.

-Roll the sock up, then feed the knee high through the sock and roll the knee high up around the sock. I used the knee high to hold the sock together tightly, and to camouflage the white. I have brunette hair and didn't want the white of the sock to show through. If you have lighter hair you can use a lighter colored stocking. Now you can get started on your sock bun hair style (below).

 How to ware it...

 Put you hair in a ponytail. I did a low ponytail on my mom because her hair is short and it made it easier for me to handle. If your doing your own hair a high ponytail will be the easiest. Just feed your hair through the sock, pull to the end of your ponytail and start rolling. Spread your hair out to cover the stocking as you roll.

 Pin any loose ends...And there you have your sock bun :) 


Darinka said...

great idea! thank you, very much!
xoxo :*

Kelly said...

You are most welcome :)

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