Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cheap and Easy Homemade Ice Cream

What you will need:

2c half and half
1tsp vanilla extract
2tbs sugar
1/4c salt
1 bag of ice
1 sandwich bag
1 one gallon bag (optional)
1 27.08oz container with lid (we used an old Folders coffee container)

Serves 2
***Don't worry if you are a little short on any of the ingredients. It will still turn out amazing***

Step 1:
Measure out the first three ingredients (half and half, vanilla, sugar) and dump them in your sandwich bag. Squeeze as much air out of the bag without spilling- then seal.

Step 2:
Fill your container half way full with ice then cover with half of your salt.

Step 3:
Place your sandwich bag full of ingredients in the center of your container then fill the rest with ice. Use the remainder of your salt to poor on top.

Step 4:
Put the lid on and tape it up to make it extra secure (I used painters tape). Do it qickly before the container gets to cold, or the tape wont stick. If your doing this inside and your afraid of the container busting open you can use a gallon bag for steps 2 and 3. Then place the steeled bag in the container. So If it does bust open your not left with a mess.

Step 5:
Set a timer for eight minutes then take your container and start rolling. My 2yr old and I sat on the floor in the living room and rolled it back and fourth. You can even go outside and roll it down a hill. Have fun with it.

Step 6:
After your eight minutes are over, open everything up, and enjoy your delicious homemade ice cream.

Originally when I found this recipe it was for "hand shaken" ice cream in a bag. We tried it that way with the kids a couple of times but it was messy, and hard work. The bag was heavy and hard to shake so the kids lost interest quickly. Besides that our poor little fingers were freezing, the bags either got a whole in them from our vigorous shaking and perspired so punch by the time we were done I had one huge puddle on my counter top. Also, after shaking ten minutes with the bag tycnech the ice cream didn't come out nearly as solid as when it was rolled. However if you don't happen to have a Folgers can or some kind of container on hand a gallon bag will do. The most important thing is that you have fun doing it. Enjoy!

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